Thursday, April 12, 2018

Practice Story

We chose Julianna for our interviewee, being that her story was the most interesting and relevant. I had the role of voiceover and transcription. Mikela was our director and Julianna was the star. Our roles were pretty straight forward but we all helped each other to get the finished product. Mikela and I wrote the script while Julianna was absent. Our team worked well together.

Safety is always our number one priority while working on a project. To get the right shot is one thing, but not if it puts us or our equipment in harms way. During filming we were aware of tripping, sharp rocks, slippery stairs. For our overall project we could've improved on some things. For one example, we could've made our audio visual ties better and more relative. Also we should have filmed some more b-roll, just in case we needed it while editing. Lastly, we could've angled Julianna differently for the interview shot. Our story itself was pretty compelling. We could've had Julianna rehearse the interview.

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